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Welcome to the Buildbot for the krzk samsung-soc Linux project!

This personal projects provides a building and testing of Linux kernel on Samsung's Exynos based boards. The goal is to ensure that Exynos based boards work fine with current mainline Linux kernel (see the exact list of tested Linux trees).


I am currently looking for support for this project in the form of development boards for testing the kernel booting (like Odroid XU4, ARTIK 5, ARTIK 10, Arndale Octa, SMDK etc.).

Please contact me directly at:
Krzysztof Kozłowski <krzk at kernel dot org>

Special thanks to...

The osbuilder slave operates through the courtesy of the Software Center of Samsung Electronics.

In 2016, the Odroid U3 and Odroid XU boards were provided by Samsung R&D Institute Poland.